The World Is A Horrible Place To Park And I’m No Longer Afraid To Cry

This review is probably the most redundant thing you’ll ever encounter. Not in the way that you’ll learn absolutely nothing from it. Because I got a great fucking tip on trying to park near a venue in Antwerp when they’re also hosting a metal show in the room next door… Just don’t fucking do it. Seriously. Take a bike, bus, tram… a fucking helicopter for all I care… Just don’t fucking do it.

I went to see MewithoutYou and The World Is tonight (after driving in circles and crying for 45 minutes). Definitely one of the most hyped shows of the year so far. Both Pale Horses and Harmlessness made our 2015 End Of The Year list. Two amazing albums, first one released on Run For Cover the latter on Epitaph (Really working it’s way to becoming a solid indie/emo label. Please drop Falling In Reverse though).

Ok I know you guys probably have THE big question ready so before we continue I’ll release you out of your suffering and you can stop reading this whole thing: yes I bought the “The World Is A Beautiful Cat” shirt. Must have item in in your wardrobe for Spring 2k16. This is now a fashion blog.

Now we got that out of the way we can talk show. First up was MewithoutYou and I’m just going to straight up say it: highlight of the night. Amazing energy. Vocalist Aaron Weiss, this time without bandana but with a cool hat, is a born entertainer. He knew how to play the crowd’s strings from the very first song. He got people dancing during the “faster”/spunkier parts and hanging on his lips during the mellower ones. Favorite songs of the set for me were definitely the new ones as I’m mostly acquainted with Pale Horses only but I really think I’m going to work on that during the next couple a days… Honestly, it’s been a looong time since a show got me this much from very start. I was also going to say that the whole thing ended in a standing ovation but since nobody was really sitting down to begin with that would’ve been pretty dumb. You get my drift though. The crowd LOVED it. MewithoutYou is an amazing live band and this show is going to be THE one to top for the rest of the year. Check them out if you ever get the opportunity!

The world Is has never really been my favorite band but Harmlessness definitely changed that. Such a solid record! You can only imagine how thrilled I was that they immediately threw ‘January 10th, 2014’ in my face. Since I’ve never really did a review of the album (last review was probably early 2015) I’m going to talk about how much I love that song right now. It’s my blog, fuck you I can do what I want. That “Are You Diana, The Hunter? Are You Afraid Of Me Now?” is such major tuneage it’s ridiculous. The twists and turns in that song are all so freaking perfect. Live most definitely very convincing. After that I kinda struggled to keep my focus a little bit during the set. This probably had two reasons. I moved myself over to the back of the venue because I had to flyer after the show so be out quick. But I mainly think it’s because MewithoutYou raised the bar and it was very hard to lower it again. I did  switch my mindset a bit away from the entire ‘expecting the energetic all over the place kinda stuff’ and after that I enjoyed the set a whole lot more. Also a very convincing and solid live performance. Just a bit unfortunate that they had to follow MewithoutYou.

Props to the guys for putting on a great, great night! It was one of the coolest shows in a long time. Already looking forward to The Front Bottoms (17/02), Beach Slang (18/02) and Brian Fallon & The Crowes (12/04). (All in Antwerp. Might not go by car this time.)