STAR WARS… JK, it’s our 2015 End Of The Year List

Now more than ever I feel like I need to put this amazing fucker of a year to bed. It’s been an incredible journey with stuff happening like us starting our own record label and booking agency, a trip to fest, hopping on the Muncie Girls/Such Gold tour,... But, like always, a good period is often followed by a really shitty one. While typing this I’m softly crying into my sandwich before eating it anyway because OMG life sucks. Current mood: not feeling it. Perfect moment to reflect back onto a time when everything was still unicorns and rainbows. I'm going to try and remember 2015 as the most amazing year I've ever had. An amazing year that brought some amazing new music. Here’s my personal top 20 2k15 releases (that I know about at least).

1 Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?
A timeless record that's right up there between Jeff's best work ever. EVER!

2 Beach Slang - The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
This record made me feel things I haven't felt since I was 15. Beautiful things.

3 Spraynard - Mable
Buried is definitely my favorite song of the year.

4 Hop Along - Painted Shut
Would give up my job to see them play live if I still had a job.

5 The Sidekicks - Runners In The Nerved World
Set I was most surprised by at FEST (in the positive way). Also: their peacock shirt is dope.

6 Woahnows - Understanding and Everything Else
Favorite band discovery of 2015.

7 Shinobu - 10 Thermidor
Best record that has a 6 min+ jam!

8 Selfish Son - Selfish Son
This band will be the biggest thing in the UK by 2020.

9 The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven
This album reminded me so much of The Hotelier’s ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’, my favorite record of last year.

10 Worriers - Imaginary Life
Best Mikey Erg band 2k15.

11 Laura Stevenson - Cocksure
Dudes, keep checking your privilege in 2016.

12 toyGuitar - In This Mess

13 Annabel - Having It All
Best record to sing along to without really having the vocal reach for it (or having a vocal reach in general or whatever that means) (This record is just my jam).

14 Success - Radio Recovery
Closest I came to liking the melodic punk thing this year.

15 Shit Present - Shit Present
Best punk super group of the century.

16 War On Women - War On Women
Best angry music record of the year.

17 MewithoutYou - Pale Horses
1/3rd of the reasons I now own a bandana.

18 Mountains To Move - Cotard
Favorite thing to come out of Belgium this year.

19 The Hextalls - Play With Heart
Best record that also has a Star Wars reference in it.

20 The Front Bottoms - Back On Top
This record reminds me that Luke Ellis is a total babe every time I listen to it. x

I also liked: For I Am (I less than three you), The World Is, Antarctigo Vespucci, Elway, FIDLAR, Great Cynics, The Penske File, Twisted, Waxahatchee, The Dutch Rudders, and of course all our Bearded Punk Records releases which I didn't include because I didn't want to get punched in the dick by the Coma Commander, Black Sheep and Trophy Lungs dudes.