Some new animals joined the BPR barn

Our vision here at Bearded Punk has always been finding fresh new bands with shitloads of talent that are probably going to break international fame fam and make us tons of money. Our next signing matches that description perfectly. They literally played their very first show early april (that’s 7 months ago), but these hipsterpunx already raked up a list of achievements that many bands will be (and should be) jealous of. 

Opening slots for the likes of Jeff Rosenstock, Pale Angels and Apologies, i have none, a spot on Belgian National radio Studio Brussel’s contest finals ‘De Nieuwe Lichting 2017’ and of course mega jamz during their set at Summer In October 2016. PLUS something really, really cool is still to be announced. Keep an eye on our pages for that next week or so.

We were basically in love from the first time we heard them and therefor we asked them if we could help them release their debut EP physically on limited amount of cds. The cd should be here in time for Summer In October but if not come and pick up a copy at any of the following shows:

15/10 @ Summer in October, Nijlen

30/10 @ De Wirwar, Turnhout

3/11 @ JH De Choke, Herselt

12/11 @ Bearded Punk Fest, Edegem

Belgium/world, it’s time to start getting used to Drum Drum Dance Dance, because you’ll be seeing a lot of them!

Listen to DDDD’s debut EP here: