Listen to Hans Roofthooft (F.O.D.) & Red Cloud’s split EP in full NOW!

You know how you get something special in hands and want to share it with the world like immediately? Well we got our greasy fingers on a fine little gem a good month ago and we’ve felt SO bad for keeping it to ourselves all of this time. Today the moment’s finally here to let Hans Roofthooft and Red Cloud’s split out of his solitary confinement (aka my downloads folder) and into your ears!

When we say special, we really mean special. Not only is this the third and most solid unaccompanied release of Generation 84’s powerful vocalist Teun V.A. ( Red Cloud), but also the very first solo release of the best Belgian punk rock frontman of this generation: Hans Roofthooft. Wow oh wow what a partnering up did that turn out to be. Hans and Teun’s first conjoined solo endeavour is an honest, heartfelt, emotional ride perfect to play away this dreary Friday. From Red Clouds spine tingling cover of F.O.D.’s classic ‘Carry On’ (feat. the talented For I Am lead lady Hanne Terweduwe) to Hans Roofthooft emotionally loaded ‘Sally’. This EP is a must listen.

Red Cloud and Hans Roofthooft will present their split CD on the 22nd of January in Herselt with some help from their friends in For I Am. You can find all info on that one right here. Pre-order up here.