Leave Us Alone

What is it you actually do except from scratching your butt all day?

It depends. We might release a record on our fancy schmancy label, set up a show, blabber about punk, help bands out,... Whatever the fuck I want. This is my website.

Who is we?

Some dumb Belgian guy aided by the best people in the world. Bjorn, Hanne, Werner and Hans are the best for helping me out with (read - they actually run it while I take all the credit) our label Bearded Punk Records. Arjan is the biggest sweetheart for sometimes filming stuff for the site. There's probably more people but I'm really bad at remembering names. 

Man, your English sucks

Yes, I'm not a native English speaker. Sometimes I just make up words too.

Leave Us Alone

We'd rather you just left us alone. If you REALLY REALLY need to send us some hate mails, promo stuff or other crap we'll probably never read, hit us up at : bjorn[at]beardedpunk[dot]com.

For label enquiries:

and just send us money at: