Kamikaze Girls // Sad

Often people don’t recognise what faith is until it hits them in the face hard. We’ve never had a clearer vision of purpose then during our first encounter with Lucinda Livingstone, Kamikaze Girls' badass guitar wielder and vocalist extraordinaire. The by now legendary introductory words: ‘hey we have a label, any chance you want to join us?’, set in motion a series of events that led up to today. A day that we consider to be one of the most memorable, raddest and humbling in our longish time as punk scene participants.

We’re super proud to finally announce that we’ll be releasing Kamikaze Girls debut EP ’Sad’ on 12” cyan blue/black splatter. It will be out September 2nd via BPR and its already available for pre-order via beardedpunk.com (EU) or itsokaytobesad.com (UK/US). Big shout out to our brothers at Wiretap Records (US) for once again co-releasing with us from all across the Atlantic!

Bearded Punk Records freshest faces also dropped a video for their first single ‘Stitches’. It’s debuting on Upset Magazine right now and it’s sure to be the soundtrack to your boring Friday at work, the weekend and eventually just your entire summer. Check it out NOW!