Jon Creeden joins Bearded Punk Records family

We discovered our next Bearded Punk Records international family member when one of the most respected dudes in the Belgian punk rock scene approached us to do a show for him. Our jaw almost dropped to the floor when he heard his very first demo track Nail biter. 'The song Hot Water Music is just waiting to write' the dude said. He wasn't kidding. Immediately we checked if this amazing band was up for doing something together and well... our next BPR baby was born!

We are super stoked to announce that we're teaming up with THE FEST 14 / Pouzza FEST '15 act Jon Creeden & His Flying Hellfish (CAN) to release an exclusive limited amount (100) of hand made collector demo tapes for their up and coming Euro tour with Chris Snelgrove Music. The tape will contain all the The Flying Hellfish demo songs released so far + some previously unreleased Jon Creeden solo tracks. Also one of those snazzy download codes for convenience.

The tape will be available starting the 25th of February. If you want to be sure you get one you can pre-order yours now here. Or you can just get one at one of him personally at one of his up and coming Euro shows (here).

Is it worth it? Yeah it's worth it!