For I Am joins Bearded Punk Records squad

Over the past few years, the punk rock community has become a close family to me. A family that’s always been there for me during the rougher times in my life. My best friends in the world (the most beautiful human beings you'll ever meet), conveniently enough, all play in the same band together. Needless to say that I really, really, really wanted them to join our label.

I’ve watched these guys (and gal) grow from being a very promising fun bunch on stage to a major force to be reckoned with, within the Belgian punk rock scene. In under 8 months they’ve completely sold out the entire first pressing of their debut EP, headed out on their very first European tour and played with punk rock greats as The Smith Street BandASTPAI and Chumped. Their debut EP ’15 Minutes Late’ is a small masterpiece and it would be a shame to deny everyone that still has to discover it the pleasure of being able to physically purchase it. Sooo… We’re SO thrilled (really, really, really thrilled…) to announce that the amazing For I Am will re-release 15 Minutes Late via Bearded Punk Records and thus make our cosy little family EVEN cooler!

15 Minutes late will be available again just in time for Valentines day but you can already pre-order the thing here! We'll keep you updated on more insanely cool For I Am news very soon, in the meantime kick back, relax, go give these sweethearts a like and re-listen to one of the funnest Belgian punkrock EPs in the last 10 years…