This is how I spent my entire f*cking weekend

Welcome! Notice anything different about the website? Well of course you don't, it looks horrible as always. I DID spent my entire weekend doing stuff to it though! Sexy, sexy stuff! My friends Bjorn and Hanne let me use their kitchen table for two days and I clicked and dragged some new life in this motherflipper. First of all there's the webshop. Since the focus of BP is more on the label than anything else these days, I had to give it a "prominent" (that's a fancy word for please click it more) spot on this shitty excuse for a blog. Mainly because we want more of your money! Give it a looksy here. You can already find Trophy Lungs' debut album Day Jobs and Coma Commander's sophomore EP on there. We'll add more releases and all the distro stuff soon. Second of all, I took out all the blog categorization. Since I don't blog as frequently anymore, it made more sense to not commit to stuff as posting news anymore. This way I can still share new music... just less frequent and in bigger chunks... LIKE THIS ONE!

Sooooo I'm just back from FEST and saw some amazing shows. I might or might not spend some of my precious free time writing a more excessive post about it. But for now, how about we relive some of my favorite FEST and PRE-FEST sets in video format?

1) Captain, We're Sinking at FEST (I was so drunk)

2) The Menzingers acoustic at FEST (Too early to be drunk. There was a lot of alcohol consumed from fruit though)

3) Beach Slang at PRE-FEST (Still Drunk but more like, drunk on life)

4) Restorations at  PRE-FEST (Pretty much the perfect set. Also drunk)

MORE NEWS: I'll also be joining Muncie Girls <3 and Such Gold on their European tour starting Friday and OMG life is amazing sometimes. I hope I find the courage and time to do a write up about how stuff's going every once and a while. Otherwise you'll just have to come to a show on the tour and come and watch for yourself. Full dates can be found here.

Talking about shows, there are three cool ones lined up here in Belgium this week.
17/11 Gnarwolves + Great Cynics + Coma Commander @ Kavka Antwerp
20/11 Terrafraid + Edgarville + Burnt Tapes @ Vleugel F Leuven
21/11 Hop Along + Terrafraid + Edgarville @ JH JoeNiz Zoersel

That's it for now. More news later, I guess