God Damn My Fizzy Brain

My brain has just gone through one of his roughest weeks in years. Stressed out, sleep deprived,… Completely dysfunctional at times! I can only imagine this is what having a Fizzy Brain feels like.

Something our buddies in Ducking Punches might know more about. Fizzy Brain is (conveniently) also the title of these UK folkpunk babes’ next album. (Flawless transitional writing skills.) A God Damn amazing musical work of art that’s going to see the light of day on 4th of March via Xtra Mile and No Panic! Records. You can now listen to first two tracks ‘God Damn Coward’ and ‘Greedy Bones’ and that's amazing.

P.S.: Ducking Punches vocalist Dan works in this venue called the Owl Sanctuary. I’ve personally never been there but I heard so many good stories about it. Now some greedy asshole is getting it shut down. I think we can all relate to how gutted we would feel if our favorite local venue would shut down. The nice people there aren’t going to go down without a fight though. That’s why I would like to ask you to read up on the situation a bit here, and maybe even help out a bit where possible. You are all kind hearted people and I know this is a cause you might want to support. Thank you so much in advance! <3