5 things you have to do at Crossbonefest maybe if there’s time in between partying

Crossbonefest is always pretty much the best weekend of the year. Smelly punks, not so smelly punks, great bands, cheap beer and a lot of friends. I hear you thinking, I go to DIY shows so this is pretty much my normal weekend. Well yeah. But Crossbonefest is still pretty freaking cool.

1 Drink an irresponsible amount of beer
Always be careful to keep your beer cold and cheap!

2 Hug Karel
If you don’t know who Karel is go and ask 5 people, one of them will know. Go give him a big hug!

3 Go swwiiiimmmmiiinnnngggg
There’s a big punk swimming party in Hengelhoef on Saturday. Beer jacuzzi party!

4 Come over a day early
Hey, what? There’s a pre-fest on Thursday? Rad! All info on that one here.

5 Bring your dog
Honestly who doesn’t like dogs? I’d allow cats too.

6 Get a tattoo of a pigeon
We’ve seen people do it! Start a cult!

7 Watch all the cool bands
Obvy. Can we suggest Coma Commander, Kamikaze Girls, Muncie Girls, Copyrights, Mountains To Move, No Fun, The Apers, Prince Beastly, Cheap Drugs, The Penske File, Equal Idiots, Weekend Dads, Priceduifkes, Custody,... and all the other bands on the line-up?

Crossbonefest will take place this weekend in Houthalen (BE). You can still get tickets at the door.