- 25% Christmas Discount offer

So 2016 is coming to an end and we at Bearded Punk couldn't be happier! That means we're finally getting our 'End Of The Year Bonus' at work. $$$

It's been a rough year for us but we survived and boy oh boy do we have some cool releases/news coming up! Atm we've signed 4 new HUGE bands and that means we have to make room in our Bearded Punk warehouse (read: Bjorn's garage)...

That's why we're offering this '-25% Christmas deal'!! :D

If you want anything just send a mail to bjorn@beardedpunk.com. We are so DIY we don't even have a clue how to add a discount button to our shop :D 

BPR 001| Black Sheep Belgium - Motion Pictures (2 left)
BPR 002| Coma Commander​ - Council Of The Jackalope (2 left)
BPR 003| Trophy Lungs​ - Day Jobs
BPR 004| You Nervous?​ - Furry Tales (1 left)
BPR 005| Hans Roofthooft - Acoustic & Red Cloud​ -Split EP (1 left)
BPR 006| For I Am​ - 15 Minutes Late (10 left)
BPR 007| Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish – Demo
BPR 008| Kamikaze Girls​ - Sad (10 left)
BPR 009| Spanish Love Songs​ - Giant Sings The Blues (7 left)
BPR 010| Steele Justice​ - That Sure Escalated Quickly (4 left)
BPR 011| Aree and the Pure Heart​ - ♥
BPR 012| Drum Drum Dance Dance​ - Self titled (sold out)