2016 EOTY List Gregory

Since this year was a real bad year for the world we just really want it to be over quickly. So lets wrap it up and throw it away already because it's starting to make the whole house smell bad. What better way to do that than with a nice look back on the one thing that was good in 2016: music (#1 thing never letting us down in our lives since basically forever). We put out some of our favourite records, went to some insane shows and spent way too much money on records again. We're going to let everyone of the team have their say but we're kicking things of with my list (Gregory's) because I'm basically the biggest asshole! So redundant! (There's a whole playlist at the bottom you can give a spin if you fancy :3. Also didn't include BPR releases because of biased.)

15 Favourite LPs:

PUP - The Dream Is Over

Pinegrove - Cardinal

Camp Cope - Camp Cope

Car Seat Headrest - Teens Of Denial

The Hotelier - Goodness

Muncie Girls - From Caplan To Belsize

Pkew Pkew Pkew - Pkew Pkew Pkew

Hot Mass - Nervous Tensions

Doe - Some Things Last Longer Than You

Touché Amoré - Stage Four

Shit present - Misery + Disaster

Weezer - White Album

Martha - Blisters in the Pit of My Heart

Jeff Rosenstock - WORRY.

Happy Accidents - You Might Be Right


5 Favourite EPs:

The Hard Aches - I Freak Out

Tender Defender - Tender Defender

Grieving - Demonstrations

Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles

Dream Wife - EP01


Worst release:

2016 as a year in general.


5 Favourite shows:

Jeff Rosenstock + Great Cynics + Coma Commander + Drum Drum Dance Dance (Joeniz, Zoersel // Be)

Muncie Girls + Apologies, I Have None + Colour Me Wednesday + Iona (The Lexington, London // UK)

Spanish Love Songs +  Dee Cracks + Drum Drum Dance Dance (Le Trou, Salavaux // CH)

Pinegrove (Trix, Antwerp // BE)

Crossbonefest 2016 (Houthalen // BE)